Monday, July 7, 2008

View from Jean's Studio

I am working on a very BIG (for me) painting... 4ftX4ft. It is of some tulips, and I have been thinking of doing it for ages. Hope it won't be too kitsch at the end. Is there such a thing these days? I see uber trendy Australian artist K del B's work as very much what we would once have called kitsch. Have not the courage to put her full name here, and possible endure any googling Arts Police!

All beside the point. I went to my painting group at Jean's with sketch book, as the painting is too large to lug about, and I'm not inclined to start anything new as we go away for a fortnight next week. I thought I would draw the girls painting, but that was not going to work. So I did a sketch of the view from the high studio window, looking through gum trees across leafy suburbs and coastal Norfolk Pines, to the Indian Ocean near the entrance to Fremantle harbour.

There is almost always a container ship sitting out there.

I hope I can use this sketch to improve an oil painting I did last year, of fruit in the studio interior. I was trying to learn from Ray Crook's paintings, and included this view, with a ship in it. But my ship in the painting is very clumsy, too large and rushes forward.

Watch this space!