Thursday, May 29, 2008

artist, drawing

I have not posted anything for a month!

I have just been to Africa for 10 days, to spend some time with my daughter Jo, with my sister, Cathy... well known to art loving bloggers... and her family, and with my son and his family in Zambia. I know I should be sketching... I really need the practice. My one attempt, of son Tristan, caused Jo long, spontaneous and irrepressible mirth, which was good to see as she had been feeling sad. Glad I could help!!

My attempts at finding artistic fame are not, however, in vain. I feature this week in wonderful sketches by my sisters on their pages. They were responding to a call from Adam Cope for images of artists at work.

So here is a sketch of an artist (Adam, actually), sketching under the table at a market in Lalinde, France. Such a great day, great memories of sunshine and happiness to be with my sisters in beautiful France, painting!

I heard today that Beryl Cook has died. In a piece on the radio, it was said that she used to sketch in pubs, with the work happening inside her handbag!! What joy that woman brought to so many with her colourful and funny, insightful work.